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12 May 2017
Perc - Bitter Music


    It's (semi-)official. Ali Wells doesn't have any more fucks in his tank. Danceability? Well, no. Not quite. If you're gonna approach this album by merely skipping through, trying to extract from it the tools that you could conveniently put into your sets you won't be doing it right, because it's not the kind of techno album that could be divided into this and that, club-aimed and home-listening-oriented. For hell's sake, stop thinking in terms of keys and BPMs and all that. It can't be separated. It just won't let you, this album won't let you do that, so don't bother yourself with that. Put a pair of headphones on, bring the lights down a bit, press play and see where that gets you. Cover you head with a blanket or something. Make it a personal listening experience before everything else. Don't worry, you won't fall asleep. Rough beats of various calibers, widely reverberated screams and salvos of fast-striking hats right beside the calm, but haunting ambiances, choral drones, and voice segments taken from God-forgotten British programmes (that aired some time in the past century) spoken in soft, slightly repetitive and very much entrancing manner won't let you doze off. Unless you took some pills of course.

    Bitter Music is both an estranged and deranged album, apparently intended to help the hopeless mental patients to get worse, but if you will give it time, you'll really grow to detest it. A part-time psychiatrist whom we gave this music for analysis made a predicament that the next thing Wells will release is probably going to be large doses of poison... into the city water supply that is. But he didn't seem completely sure and he didn't wear a white coat, so maybe we can take his words with a pinch of cyanide after all, although it's a thought that counts. His thought, yours. Whoever's. Bitter away, now.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 5 May 2017

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl • CD

Record LabelCatalog: Perc Trax • TPTCD008

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