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Techno trivia
rhetorDate: Tuesday, 08 November 2016, 15:57 | Message # 1
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The site's Techno Trivia was created utilizing personal knowledge gathered over the years of discovering artists and labels, collecting discographies, tracking down releases and thus learning all this information.

It contains 100 questions (20 questions per each one of the parts 1-3 and 40 questions in part 4) and was created in a way as to not repeat artists and labels, except a few major ones (e.g. Surgeon, Adam X; Dynamic Tension, Sonic Groove), and not more than a few times, so by the humble estimates (100 questions, 6 answers to each) there are over 200 artists and 200 labels mentioned in all the trivia.

Discogs and Resident Advisor were used for fact check-ups whenever I wasn't 100% sure if a question was given the appropriate answer or vice versa, but even though I've checked everything numerous times, there might be errors, so if you find any of those, send me a personal message.

Lastly, I might come up with more additions to the trivia, but it probably won't happen soon. Feel free to suggest which questions, artists or labels you want placed in hypothetical Pt. 5, in this thread.

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