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01 July 2016
Wataru Abe - Substance


    Armed with abundant knowledge in music theory ranging from studying classical music at Berklee College of Music to full comprehension of Max/MSP (programming language aimed at audio production), Japan-based Wataru Abe has been producing glitch-influenced industrial IDM music for several years - since 2013 (think Ryoji Ikeda and Pan Sonic type of sound). In 2016 he decided to slightly redirect that knowledge towards production of music that is more closely related to techno and result of that is right before you.

    Giving full freedom to imagination, Abe touches upon radically different aspects of today's techno music, employing various techniques with every track on Substance. On it, you will encounter several syncopated and 4x4 arrangements alike, tempos ranging from 122 to 129 BPM, acidic and noise-shaped basslines, and most importantly - not a single sample that would be used in more than one track, not a single tell which would indicate that this record was created in one studio, by one producer. Such profound diversity is something you don't encounter very often nowadays, and for what it's worth, Substance clocks in at slightly less than 40 minutes, which is almost as long as the average LP.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 1 July 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Several Reasons LTD ● SRRDGTL007

Purchase Links: BeatportBandcamp


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