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10 October 2016
VA - UV001


    For their first release, Argentinian non-commercial netlabel Utopica Vision decided to go with a five-tracker consisting of contributions from Rewx, Dijuma, Between Lines, Darkotic and Emiliano Benedetti.

    While having obvious touch of dub techno music, this EP's nature is straight-forward techno (except for the first track, which is ambient). But how, you will ask, can one tell dub techno from techno? The difference is in the level of energy and BPM. Dub techno tends to be more slow-paced and meditative in nature, but if it can make people actively rock their heads or dance to it energetically, then it's techno as well.

    So yes, just as you would expect from dub techno influenced music, tracks 2 to 5 are rich with reverberated textures, delayed, velvet basslines, mid-range, non-intrusive hats, and from time to time - claps, that are drowning in properly thudding, but softened kicks, and you'll certainly find some of them applicable for a techno set. By the way, highly recommended for fans of René Pawlowitz and NX1.


Release Type: EP / VA

Release Date: 10 October 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Utopica Vision ● UV001

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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