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12 December 2016
VA - Untold Stories


    Hot on heels after imaginative six-tracker by Plaggona, The Deviantt's esoteric imprint DVNTT expanded its roster considerably with a third release, which turned out to be a multigeneric, 10-track VA album featuring some interesting underground producers that lean towards the deeper and more experimental sides of techno production.

    Ranging in tempo from 120 to 136 BPM and, despite what Beatport tells us, completely in minor key, Untold Stories embraces several stylistic categories, meaning that the tracks on it have several possible appliances. The Deviantt's Under Pressure, Jay Coen's Erosion of Mind and Substrato by Syntaxism are spectrally dense, effective, craftily built club dissertations paced between 135 and 136 BPM and can be safely used as peak-hour insertions in a set, while keeping people both rocking and pondering their existence. Reprise by Krypt, Atmospherical by Momomo, Metaphy by Diaster, and Unsanctioned's Passing Through are also well dancefloor-friendly 127-128 BPM pieces, and however heavily the melancholic, uneasy basslines might lie on shoulders of the crowd, the percussion elements will keep them moving. Discknocked's Marchosia, Nternal Bserver's Digital Natives and Thunderstorm by Tape (IT) are the most leisurely-paced compositions of the bunch, ranging from 120 to 125 BPM in tempo, but that doesn't make them any less interesting for fans of leftfield techno variations and offbeat IDM works, due to their contemplative nature and mysterious, spacial sonic inclinations.


Release Type: VA / LP

Release Date: 12 December 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: DVNTT ● DVNTT003

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcamp


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