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15 November 2016
VA - the29nov Vol​.​1


    The year is 2006. Location? A village in Germany, not different from any other, except that this is where Kevin Paschold and Sebastian Kökow had joined forces to create the29nov films - a project devoted to creating videos for underground music, put together from movie clips, found footage, and in rare cases - personally shot videos, visually filtered and edited to match the tone of the track that the video is intended for. Cut to ten years later - 2016, when the29nov films had published thousands of videos scattered across some dozen of their YouTube channels that gathered over 20 million views combined, and celebrated their anniversary with a terrific event featuring some of the most cherished representatives of techno, they now launch they very own titular record label. And we say - yeah, right on, guys, it's about time.

    The choice of artists just couldn't have been more apt; on first glance, if you know anything about modern techno, the list of featured names might strike you as a carefully calculated formula. You're a DJ who's playing techno in a mainstream club? Well how about some Subjected, Charlton, 3.14 and I/Y? Prefer some rougher, industrial sounding? Peachy, say no more, for you there are tracks by Ontal, Headless Horseman, Paul Birken and Max Durante. Ranging in tempo from 128 to 138 BPM, this octahedral VA release runs some 50 minutes and is undoubtedly a good candidate for your December's techno cart.


Release Type: Album / VA

Release Date: 15 November 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: the29nov ● THE29NOV001

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcampJunoDeejayDecksDisco Piu'CD and LP


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