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26 December 2016
VA - One Hundred


    Year 2016 has seen the rise of some outstanding labels. But inevitably, for every good thing that has happened there is an unpleasant counterbalance, and, as it usually the case, this time it took place where we did not expect it to. The owners of Audioexit, one of the most cherished and long-running techno netlabels, announced the wrap-up, which coincided with label's one hundredth release. Audioexit has been with us since 2007 - for nine years the generous artists that kept it together have been sharing their fantastic records with us for absolutely free, and now Audioexit is no more. We can't help but to shed a proverbial tear and wonder whether the label will return in some sort of different medium. But, let's not get all that sad, because we've been left with a tremendous legacy of hundred releases - it's all on Bandcamp, and it isn't going anywhere. We're here, however, to talk about One Hundred, so let us outline the specifics of this release for you.

    From uncanny oddballs A Másik Út, XLII Im Turmto and You Are Full Of Nightmares to crafty, syncopated numbers Kurohyo Project, Not A Game, Destroyer Of World and shamanistic tribal jams Recurrent Paranoia, Ferine Thoughts, Grey - all the way to straight-forward, 4/4 club killers The Path, Raingrad and Exit Las Meterial, this VA release truly has a lot to offer, too much to give an in-depth analysis to every single contribution, so instead we will provide you with some tasty data. One Hundred contains 27 original tracks, ranging from 117 to 142 BPM in tempo, and it runs just 30 seconds short from three full hours - 2 hours, 59 minutes and 36 seconds, to be precise. Best of all - it costs nothing, your conscience won't torment you for downloading it for free, so unless you've done it already, we advise to do so right away.

    Goodbye, Audioexit. Thank you for being with us all these years. You gave us a lot, asking nothing in return. We will not forget you.


Release Type: VA / LP

Release Date: 26 December 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Audioexit ● AE100

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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