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18 June 2016
VA - Meatsteel 3​/​6


    50 tracks. 50 fresh, unreleased tracks from one of the greatest underground techno labels today - on a single release. Are we supposed to say something before we start? Should we have gone comedic with this and posted a picture of Earth collapsing in two? Just how does one review something of this magnitude?

    Well... I guess we're about to find out together.

    Cards on the table. Third installment of Subsist's Meatsteel VA series puts this year's Blueprint's Structures and Solutions and even Mord's Herdersmat 1-7 way behind it on the chart and makes them seem almost insignificant. Let's face it, for the cost of 19 EUR, chances are you'll get your money's worth of sought-after product even if you end up enjoying less than half of all tracks. It's fair to say that this characteristic is something no other commercial techno release in 2016, or maybe even ever, can compete with. It would take hours to even attempt to describe the tracks, so we'll just present you with raw numbers.

    There are 50 techno acts featured on this release, from well established to recently started, and they all provided original, unreleased tracks with no remixes or reworks. Tracks' tempo is an evenly distributed range that starts at 105 and ends with 136 BPM. The compilation clocks in at a mind-boggling duration of 5 hours, 32 minutes and 17 seconds. And if you don't want it - no offends, but you're probably atechnosexual.


Release Type: Album / VA

Release Date: 18 June 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Subsist ● sub-d50

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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