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16 December 2016
VA - Another Haunted Xmas


    New York Haunted crew and label's originator Drvg Cvltvre in particular, have been keeping us incredibly happy for the past couple years, so much so that we cannot imagine the techno scene without them anymore. This time they are back in full force with more colorful shenanigans to pull on you, and guess what - you can pay any amount you want. This time, however, they want to address a specific issue and gather money for a specific cause, and no, it's not upcoming Christmas. Well, not only Christmas, anyway. To quote what is said in the footnotes of release's bandcamp page, "The world is on fire." More specifically - Syria, you know how it is up there right now. That is, unless you're completely disconnected from the outside world, in which case we'll describe it for you - it's a Mad Max movie brought to life with incessant war waging. That experience, of course, comes with regular infrastructure-flattening air raids, extreme supply shortages and lack of medical attention. Basically, one of the worst places on the Earth you could find yourself in at the moment, and some people are forced to live there, because they have no other choice but to stay put and hope for any sort of peaceful resolution. Why are we bringing all of this up? Because the money that NYH will gather from empathetic folks that care enough to donate, will be sent in its entirety to respective charitable and medical organizations that are capable of improving of this issue. Now that this has been said, let us do a break-down of the release.

    Another Haunted Xmas, artworked traditionally with a still from a video game (what a fun way to go about artworks), is second in New York Haunted's series of "Haunted Christmas" VA releases, the first one being A Very Haunted Christmas. Just as that one, it gathers the accumulated roster of NYH talents and leaves the payment price for your consideration only. Yes, it can be zero, but it better not be, because you're offered twenty five tracks (that's 25 for dyslexic people), ranging in intensity and tempos - from 100 to 156 BPM to be precise, and totaling in length to 2 hours 36 minutes and 6 seconds. There's some ingenious techno, IDM, and electro as well, most of it being well-crafted, dancefloor-ready material, and if you are really going to ignore those characteristics and the cause and get off with a free download, you might as well close this tab right now and never come back. Okay, that was obviously an exaggeration and you can come back, it's not as though anyone could stop you, but you get it. Throw some cash their way if you can. Have an authentic Haunted Christmas for once.


Release Type: VA / LP

Release Date: 16 December 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: New York Haunted ● NYH77

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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