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31 October 2016
VA - A Disseminated Darkness on Inner Personality Status EP


    Lovingly-named Glasgow imprint Contort Yourself has been running a low-key operation devoted to reviving oldschool-sounding industrial production for modern rave punks since 2014. So far, the label's output has been nothing short of adequately disgusting - exactly the kind of music that overprotective Mendelssohn-loving mommies would want to fence their feeble-natured children from... What's that? You're not an overprotective parent of a wimpy kid and you have never heard of no Mendelssohns? You're a filthy adherent of analog rhythmic noise and distortion-fueled scumtronics? Well then, you're in good company.

    Novacom kicks it off with an energetic 134 BPM piece that has syncopated, mutli-layered exploding charges for kicks; running against soft background noisewall, Outsiders employs a moderately distorted and gradually intensifying bassline pattern that changes its sounding every 16 bars and a bleeping 8x4 sample that supports it engagingly. JK Flesh continues with a 121 BPM off-kilter intended for opening of a venue rather than being used as its peak hour weapon - its polyrhythmic drums, that consist of tightly-running syncopated toms and thudding 4x4 kicks, are accompanied by reverberating-acidic-stabs-turning-into-bassline and catchy noise-shaped claps; closed and half-bar shifted hats, also in 4x4, soon join the party along with the rising background droning which, given all the foreground ruckus, is barely audible. Le Syndicat's 1993-dated 136 BPM Maximalist aged rather well - proper remastering? We're welcomed with running sirens and short-but-effective 4x4 drums that by times go rogue for a bar or two, non-conformingly ruining their simple time signature with additional kicks. Expect familiar snares and hats samples of oldschool breakbeat classics, along with tortured acidic basslines and heavily processed vocal bits. Another blast from an even earlier past - a 1983-dated, 225 BPM (sic) piece Prothesis Pack Xtract 08 is not as much a danceable track as it is a thudding mass of relentless, oscillating toms, occasional washes of noise and one, but constantly pitching bassline that reaches all highs and lows of the spectrum, before the track ends with a sound that could be interpreted as emissions of smoke coming from a drum machine that broke down for good. With his satisfying remix, Ekman did exactly what we deem he was supposed to - extended 3'57" rave anthem Maximalist to 6'05", added his signature spark to the mix without much of redundant modernization, slamming on top of that a catchy, ever-elevating acid bassline across the whole length of the track.

    Soothing, inspirational music for morning alarms and studies in the late evening, especially if you have a headache and simply want to put on something relaxing. Studies that included coercive listening sessions conduced on captivated homeless children showed their immediate IQ growth that rose up to 32%.


Release Type: EP / VA

Release Date: 31 October 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Contort Yourself ● CY005

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