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07 December 2016
VA - 47007


    Tommy Four Seven came up with somewhat of a golden formula that he harnessed upon creation of his imprint 47 - 4 different artists on each EP, various styles and representations of techno, one common goal - to deliver a varied, high quality product that will cater to several demographic groups at the same time. So far, the series has been a massive success among the techno fans, gathering more and more following with each four-tracker released. This time, apart from Tommy himself, Cosmin TRG, Eomac and Szare have jumped on board.

    Cosmin TRG kicks it off with Singe - a 120 BPM number wherein he employed hammering, 4/4 iron kicks, microscopic glitchy bands, three sets of dry, paper-thick hats - two of them running at 16/4, and another one at 4/4 - half bar shifted from the kicks, barely audible, dragging pads that run every 8 bars, an ever-present factory ambiance, and splitting into different directions, reverberating bassline that sounds innocent in the environment that it was put it. Eomac's Refugee retains the tempo, utilizing syncopated, dichotomizing kicks, gently echoing, tribalistic bands, ever pitching, dry and side-chained 16/4 hats, uniquely processed, almost arbitrarily scattered claps, and a suspenseful, rising ambiance with moderately roaring drone signal that team up, overshadowing the track from the background, before they suddenly rise in the second half, taking full control over the front. Szare's imaginative oddball Invern elevates to 128 BPM, making use of 5/4-by-times-turning-6/4, syncopated kicks, sandy, shifted 4/4 and short 16/4 hats, a real plethora of various details that enrich the spectrum, ring-modulated, flowing ambiance, and bits of obscure, unintelligible vocals, used both as percussion and to make the breaks more interesting. Tommy Four Seven's UUU speeds up all the way to 134 BPM, engaging sharp, straightforward kicks, arpeggiated bassline reminiscent of theme from Blade Runner, minutiae of glitchy goodness, terse, seldom and aptly placed vocals, metallic four-oners accompanied by tied-in-sets-of-four, dry hats paced at quadruple speed that run every 8 bars, and wild droning signals that build up into a wall when the track reaches its peak sections.


Release Type: VA / EP

Release Date: 7 December 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: 47 ● 47007

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcampBoomkatJunoDeejayCloneReady Made


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