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21 November 2016
UVB - For We Live By Sight


    French techno artist Sebastien Michel aka UVB had caught attention of techno clique in a serious way with his first long-player Life - a fantastic set of tools which he released on Mord in 2015, after putting out two EPs on it. Since then he's been featured on several releases from PoleGroup, Organism and 47. In June 2016 he started his own imprint Body Theory, and already has three EPs to show you.

    By naming A1 as Be More Like Him, UVB gives a nod to British Murder Boys (in particular, to their track Be Like I Am), and just as you would expect from such an act, the 135 BPM opener holds no bars in terms of its energy - apt metallic microsamples bound to hammering 4x4 kicks, Regis' trademark clock tickers, distorted and slightly reverberated, trance-inducing 3-note bassline loop, analog background noise, and intensifying, otherworldly drone make this number a real audio weapon. Without any warning, Die On My Behalf picks up the torch and lights up the second cannon: heavy on distortion, this piece drops off a couple BPM points and expands on the idea - metallic ticking was kept, the groovy bassline loop and cold stabs run densely and ceaselessly to create a hypnotizing effect, and the kicks do what they should to send your brain irresistible movement impulses. A Youthful Mistake returns to 135 BPM and introduces a diabolical, low range intensifying distortion filter that upon first seconds of its appearance might even strike you as a result of clipping that almost drowns the kicks in it, as well as all the other modified and rearranged elements from the previous tracks that make up this eardrum-piercer; an ambient soundfield starts rising up towards the middle of the track, promising somewhat of a hopeful future, a future which was once clouded by mistakes of youth. The beatless 3-minute closer Auto Da Fe takes a turn down the Power Electronics blvd. and makes use of reverberated vocals bits scattered across the processed recording of rewinding tape.

    UVB has developed a very satisfying tendency of delivering true to analog, true to industrial, no-nonsense techno music that can be effectively used for Berghain's proverbial demolition. Obligatory EP, an absolute must have for adherents of Regis/BMB production.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 21 November 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Body Theory ● BT003

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcampBoomkatHardwaxJunoDeejayClone


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