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28 April 2017
Tomohiko Sagae - Sensory Deprivation


    Let it be said—uploading their catalog to web retailers and deciding to release several albums at once were two very and very wise moves on behalf of Hands Productions patrons, and the ones that made it successfully transition from the past era of CD format into the glorious modern times of an instantly available audio. The second move should be particularly underlined, because even if you won't find yourself enjoying a freshly released Hands album, there's a few more to chose from, all of which are quite varied, and so if you're even remotely interested in contemporary electronic music, inevitably your quest for new sounds will lead you to Hands Productions... So. On April 28th, 2017, seven new full-length albums were released on Hands—an unprecedented number backed by astounding quality of productions which are ranging from atmospheric, soothing downtempo to an ears-slashing rhythmic noise. And of course, the album that interests us most leans furthermore towards the latter, and more techno-oriented sound. Yes sir, the main subject of our interest is naturally Sensory Deprivation—a debut album by the pioneer of Japanese industrial techno and a Rodz-Konez regular, Tomohiko Sagae.

    Sensory Deprivation was much anticipated by hardline techno maniacs, but because Sagae had only previously released predominantly two-track singles and EPs, nobody really knew what to expect. Will the album be coherent or will it comprise a series of vaguely related tracks? Will Sagae compromise in intensity of that abrasive, noise-laden sound that he is known for in favor of a more listener-friendly sound? Most of us were asking ourselves these questions. At last, as it finally turned out, every concern one could have was unfounded, as Sensory Deprivation proved to be the most mature and also the most skull-perforating Tomohiko Sagae work that one can experience, and it's the kind of release that even the seasoned industrial metalheads should approach with caution and having emergency services already dialed. To summarize, not a single punch is pulled, not a single track feels out of place, there is an enviable ruthlessness present in every offering—no mercy to be given, and absolutely no compromises to be made. If you can imagine a boundless force at the peak of its strength, an irresistible, joyous, savage to the core, earth-flattening surge of energy, then you can imagine the power that this music holds within itself. Right after there's a slight, momentary decline in intensity, the the fierce, noise-surrounded drums attack the speakers twice as hard—for an entire hour, and if listened loudly enough (which is how we believe it should be listened), an oddly satisfying, post-listening headache will reveal that the new levels of cranial pain are now unlocked.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 28 April 2017

Release Format: Digital • CD

Record LabelCatalog: Hands • HANDSD247

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