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20 February 2017
Tolga Baklacioglu - Nefes


     I don't know if it's just me, but much of Tolga Baklacioglu's recent output on the impressive VENT label has me conjuring images of the nautical. One thing I am certain of, is that his works are uncompromisingly industrial.

     Titular track Nefes resembles the rattling insides of a hulking container ship, the percussion is tribal in its nature, but harsher, and heavier, and it gains strength until a thickened atmosphere descends; amidst this palpable suspense, the sound of a plucked string ramps up the tension to near-breaking point, a sign of impending doom - disaster at sea? A darker ambiance then takes hold, almost breaking down the percussion into rhythmic noise, before quietly disappearing beneath the waves. Boyali Goz is just as intense, sounding like the failing engine of an old fishing trawler; trippy drum patterns are joined by layered tones that whine and moan as the track almost cracks itself apart suggesting this vessel is not as seaworthy as it once was. Finally, Illa Ki brings to mind a bustling port where we lose the sense of confinement, the relentless drums are accompanied by a low-level drone that slowly intensifies; further detail can be heard in the form of industrial noises, clunks and crashes, as screaming and muffled, distorted voices complete this chaotic tapestry.

     Because Nefes clocks in at nearly half an hour, it is evident that Baklacioglu enjoys constructing the long-formed tracks, but the sort that is rich in detail - he always manages to keep things alive with subtle changes in tone and texture. All in all, another impressive release from this greatly underrated producer.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 20 February 2017

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: VENT • VENT013

Purchase Links: JunoDeejayDecks


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