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19 November 2016
Taro Division - X


    Releasing exclusively via Bandcamp, naming its releases with Latin numerals and using obscure, untitled images for artworks, this shadowy, Fiji-based industrial techno label Ōtomo had only started out in October 2016, and has already published 10 EPs with quite a decent roster of artists. Their number ten belongs to almost as recently established Taro Division, a brightly burning in the shadows, hardline techno act from UK who regularly releases on his own imprint Taro Records.

    Just so we're don't repeat ourselves - this is a distortion-laden EP. Practically everything, from hats to ambiances, is either moderately or abundantly distorted, but stays on the techno side and doesn't reach levels of rhythmic noise. Now that you know that, let us fill you in on the details. 136 BPM opening piece Admire greets us with an isolated oscillation panned slightly to the left, dry 16x4 hats, 1x4 claps and slowly rising ambiance; what comes next is a polyphonic, captivating acid bassline that by times gets widely reverberated - which effectively adds to its melancholy-evoking effect, a heavy-duty 4x4 kick drum pattern, half-bar shifted 4x4 hats, regular washes of menacing, noise-shaped pads, and a foreshadowing droning signal in the background. Wires & Bolts drops off a couple BPM points as demonic, almost-vocal synths howl to us, inviting for a visit to an audio representation of Hades: here's a corner for 4x4 kicks, there's acid coming from everywhere, but you'll get used to it; see this spot up there? That's where we put our syncopated hats, short clicks and clanging stabs; the wobbly structure a little forth ahead is the bassline... It's somewhat dark up here, so let us lit up some bright ambient soundfields - they'll lead you to the next stage. Shadow reaches 132 BPM, engaging utterly sharp kicks, panned, bouncy toms, a wooden set of 5x4 and another set of 4x4-by-times-turning-into-8x4 open high hats, an acidic, pleasantly roaring catchy bassline and occasionally appearing whipping pads. Conclusion slows down to 128 BPM, starting with 4x4 drums made of skin, metal and wood, subtle metallic microsamples, a supporting acidic oscillation and a dry arrangement of claps, shifted away from the main rhythm; they are soon joined by multiplying sonar signals, tall walking hats, stabs of fragmented and vocalized noise, and rising, majestic drone walls.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 19 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Ōtomo ● ŌD0.10

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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