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24 July 2017
Talker - Battle Standards


    Talker, a.k.a. Jonathan Krohn and Karl Meier, first collaborated back in 2013 on Regis' Downwards label, contributing to the Halha compilation, and later—Cut The Weight, together with a self-titled LP—followed in 2014. Battle Standards marks a first release since then (aside from four remixes), and on their own new label Standards & Practices, and while it retains those dark and industrial styles, these cuts are produced with the dancefloor in mind.

    Bass-greedy kicks in 4/4 patterns are laid down on the opener Battle Standard to a darkened, humming tune of oscillating drones, underpinned by a woody percussion; serrated snares chew away, and coarse, flattened hats tear into the dense, highly concentrated atmosphere that is slowly poisoned by eerie, screaming harmonics, reflecting the cries of tortured souls, casualties of war who passed abruptly. Next up, (Gold) Standard increases the pace, it is fully loaded with aggression and its amplitude creeps up steadily: percussion here is uncompromisingly industrial, the metallic, screaming hi-hats slap you about the face and almost bury the synchronised, raw, lashing snares, bringing to mind a blacksmith, striking blow after blow on an anvil whilst forging metal; nearing the midpoint, the meanest of melodies emerges, it is hard and strained, arranged as if to focus on hitting the metal in time as it rapidly cools down. On the final piece Snub Nose the tone isn't just as harsh—the robust kicks leave a little room to breath, snares and hats feel distinctly restrained, projecting a calming, almost hypnotic mysticism that has a curiously funky echo of Evolution Records (some of Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard's legendary output from the mid-late 90s), all the while sticky FX mimic the leaden feet of a nearly exhausted crowd; this will be a great tool for bringing weary dancers back down to earth in a controlled fashion, in the early morning hours.

    Three unique explorations of modern, hard-edged techno are here for your mixing pleasure—rhythmically intense, often brutal and savaged by its industrial intent, Standards & Practices debut will more than meet your expectations, and it is certain to make a sizable impact on dancefloors around the globe as well as contribute to destroying the odd pair of footwear along the way.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 24 July 2017

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Standards & Practices • STANPRAC001

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