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21 November 2016
Taiki Ozawa - Quick


    Japan's fresh techno blood Taiki Ozawa caught our eye back in July 2016 with imaginative Ritmo de Hydra EP that he released for free via Cicuta. Since then we've been waiting for him to start releasing some of the tracks that he's been posting to soundcloud - particularly Con G, and finally that process has been put into motion. The choice of three pieces that Ozawa picked for Quick could not have been more apt, as all of them are quite different in their sounding.

    The first one to grace our ears is Ica - abundantly layered, rich 126 BPM warehouse piece with steady kicks, 16x4 soft hats and pads, and two basslines - one stressfully oscillating at a mid-range plus a melancholic, ever-morphing entity, residing in the higher parts of spectrum - all of which almost drown in short tides of white noise that recur in main sections of the track. Con G, which is our main interest, is a 125 BPM stomper that doesn't hesitate to start head-on and welcomes us with already running 4x4 drum pattern, a half-bar shifted from it, dry hats, and sinister, roaring bassline, much as a panther that let's you know a step closer will cost you your life; soon join them, the second layer of metallic 16x4 hats and a blasting, acidic 3x4 arrangement that serves as another level of drums - once that one arrives, consider the dancefloor torn to shreds. While rising 3 BPM points up from the second track, Quick plays more of a calm-after-the-storm roll, with slightly muffled, syncopated drums, a panned, 7-notes bells loop that somehow sound both indifferent and enticing, sampled vocals craftily tuned into additional percussion, bits of fading white noise that serve as inconsistently running hats, and a plethora of microscopic glitch samples scattered throughout 7 minutes.

    Ultimately, Ozawa presented a great commercial onset, and we can't wait till his next scheduled EPs also see the light of day.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 21 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Art Style: Techno Records • ASTRC139

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownload


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