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01 November 2016
Syntaxism - Cronotopo


    Exactly one year and a month after their three-tracker debut Phases on EVOD, Davide & Bruno, known conjointly as Syntaxism, contribute their second EP to EVOD's eponymous imprint. Cronotopo is in a lot of ways an expansion and enhancement of their previous effort, but their production level has noticeably evolved, and their style has taken on a more unique, signature shape; it would be fair to say that they have found their sound vein.

    Paced at 136 BPM, Cronotopo 1 exhibits an energetic, but at the same time eclectic rather than direct-to-dancefloor approach, utilizing perplexing, syncopated kicks and dry hats along with ever-morphing drones. Cronotopo 2 picks up the tempo but straight away lets you know that it's the beast of a different kind - short, but exceedingly powerful 4x4 kicks are running below an engaging, madly running acidic bassline, syncopated, dry layers of densely placed hats and majestic droning signals. Cronotopo 3 lowers the BPM by two points and reveals a disturbed, oscillating, signle-toned droning, two layers of syncopated kicks - one being a confounding, muffled 8x4 array, and the other - a higher gained, galloping 12x4 rhythm, two layers of satisfyingly dry 16x4 and 4x4 hats, and a pitching, softly roaring acid bassline. Cronotopo 4 returns to 136 BPM and steady, 4x4 kicks that are supported by a mirroring arrangement of half-bar shifted, quieter, oscillating toms. Making a frequent use of panning, two non-intrusive sets of hats enter the game together with two bassline loops that get their pitch, reverb and gain values modified constantly and on the flow, along with textures of ambient and soft noise that rise and fall on their own in the background, greatly enhancing the headroom space. Cronotopo 5 closes the EP is a beatless manner: a vocal type of O-droning on top, and a stressing, sub-bass heavy oscillation at the bottom, are placed against multiple layers of glitch and noise textures, as well as countless otherworldly samples and signals, and create a ghostly feeling of uncertainly and alienation.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 1 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: EVOD ● EVD013

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