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29 March 2017
Stigmer - Biaural EP


    A good DJ knows - you can't expect to play the tracks by the artists everyone knows of, released on the labels everyone is following, and impress those in the know with your sets. No. A good DJ knows, that in order for his sets to turn heads, he has to invest his time in discovery of new names, and do so on a regular basis. If the job is done well, a reward will present itself in amazement of the listeners and bewilderment of soundcloud dwellers that, despite following the latest charts will ultimately recognize little-to-no artists, despite having a full tracklist in front of them. Stigmer's EP is a perfect find of a digital crate digger, not only because it's a genuinely well-produced three-tracker released on a small label, but also because it is an artist's debut release, which means it will take others some time to discover it. Biaural EP is a combination of failsafe elements employed by the recognized techno minds of today, and it's rather impressive that a producer could showcase similar mastery in his very first release.

    Paced at 130 BPM and composed definitively in minor key - same as the other two, Biaural 1 greets us with widely pounding 4/4 kicks, needle-thick bands of percussion, syncopated short claps, gentle sweeps of hats, an elegant, electricity-infused bassline, and a richly textured background ambiance that creates a sensation of being marooned in a fauna-inhibited forest just as the night is about to fall. Biaural 2 engages sharper, hammering kicks, arrays of panning drops, sandy bars at 16/16, non-intrusive sweeping against high hats, intangible blows of soft noise, and semi-metallic, neatly filtered bassline, fractured into bars and thus turned into additional percussion. A closing piece Biaural 3 takes it away with heavily-trudging kicks, scattering shakers, sharp and slim, rapidly running bands, occasional sweeps that go up and down in pitch and a pair of low-flying acidic loops that together form a gloomy bassline.

    Recommended for those that enjoy the contemporary PoleGroup sound and productions of its founding four - Mulero, Wünsch, Reeko and Exium.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 29 March 2017

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Asymmetrical Code • ACR08

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownload7digital


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