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23 October 2016
Soolee - Rebels EP


    Seoul-based owner of More Than Less, Soo Lee has been releasing since 2011 and was featured on several dozens releases, although it's hard to pint point exact number of works he's got to his name, and here's why - due to his collaboration-friendly nature, he has released a plethora of remixes and a few splits, wherein him and another artist contribute both their own track and a remix. Result of such collaboration definitely has a positive effect on creativity, but Soo never needed much help with that, which is something we conclude from getting acquainted with his craftily-produced solo tracks. This time, he joins Take More Music Records with a three-track contribution and receives a welcoming gift in form of two remixes from label-head Vegim.

    Metallic, ever-shifting 1x4 hats, slightly distorted, delayed stabs and a slowly rising droning soundfield are the signature elements of 129 BPM piece Rebels. Spellbinding number Spears rises 3 BPM points up and makes use of chirping sci-fi microsamples in the higher range, as multiple sets of hats are running at double speed next to syncopated, acidic 5x4 toms. Thorns picks up the tempo and instantly executes its assault strategy using thin but sharp 4x4 kicks accompanied by oscillating arrangement in mid-low ranges, moderately metallic stabs, and two sets of hats - one widely panned, and another, a straight-and-dry 4x4 that turns 16x4 in second half - highly recommended for Shifted and Luke Slater fans.

    In his repaint of titular track, Vegim gets rid of metallic asynchronous hats, brings in a tall-walking, mid-range 4x4 hats sample that gets pitched up and down, as well as noise-shaped microstructure that arrives every 16 bars, and gives more strength to the the kicks, utilizing a heavy oscillation in the low ranges. The only piece in major key, Space Dub Mix radically changes direction with some galloping kicks, jaunty stabs, syncopated claps, a xylophonic, panned arrangement in the high range and a cheerful background ambiance.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 23 October 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Take More Music Records ● TMM187

Purchase Links: BeatportBandcamp


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