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13 June 2017
Scarlit Port - Diwan Clinic


    Fledgling Label NURSE, having already released The Rise Of Liquid Alternatives by the Orphan Swords offer up next a four track EP from rising star and also label boss, Scarlit Port. His second EP Diwan Clinic follows his debut release XII​-​XV in 2015 on Sirio Grimaldi's Monolith label.

    Opener Eyenihilator (Morning Bed-Funk) leads with overdriven bass that growls and muffled distorted kicks that seem to contradict the sense of restraint and sets an undeniable brooding tone. The flow is helped along by Detroit-esque hats that prick up your senses and keep things rolling in a way only they can. Layers of textured noise and smoky ambiance build up like a fog bank, before a hollowed-out drone metamorphoses into a delightful, vaguely familiar Persian melody. Marg is a slow-beaten bouncy stomper wherein the pitch and tempo shift up one moment then down the next, imagine an old motorcycle that's barely roadworthy, its engine almost cutting out on you over and over. Serrated high-hats slice through flexed bass drums and their subtle, frothy reverb and chewed-up vocal treatments add to the warped, wobbly and unpredictable, but unashamedly fun journey.

    Shatorooz throws up some 4 x 4 action, flat and on the low side it gives prominence to the synths with traditional ethnic flavors, but a battle ensues with the introduction of an unwavering onslaught of percussion. Glancing symbols dance above inspired mutations of daf drums and tombak, all mingling perfectly as the track draws to a close. This whole release has the sticky fingerprints of bass and dub all over it but it's most evident on the final track—a re-work of Eyenihilator—the (Non-Existant Rules Cut), where bass is driven harder still and the distortion this time comes close to tearing as the breaks are applied, slowing things down just a touch, creating a greater intensity. More treated vocals are paired with a deep, emotive and melancholic string section, a contemplative, not to mention satisfying conclusion to a pretty extraordinary and unique record.

    Dwelling in Berlin, Scarlit Port certainly hasn't forgotten his roots, his willingness on Diwan Clinic to allow those eastern influences to infect each and every composition should be heartily commended. The results showcase a quite unique blend of electronics, bass, dub and techno abstractions with an industrial undercurrent, leaving the listener in no doubt where its origins lie.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 13 June 2017

Release Format: Digital • Cassette

Record LabelCatalog:

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