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16 November 2016
Rrose - Arc Unknown


    "Born 1969. Died 1909." Such "unequivocal" Resident Advisor profile description belongs to mysterious Rrose, a particularly shady figure on the techno scene. Owner of Eaux, regular at Sandwell District and Stroboscopic Artefacts, Rrose was featured on Infrastructure's VA release "Facticity", few months before contributing this solo EP to the label.

    Irritated bassline of the titular track will make you cringe a bit as you're being welcomed by first arrangements of familiar, 16x4 dry hats, reverberated claps and straightforward, 4x4 kick drums - at a 124 BPM pace. Both Specimen are two 128 BPM sibling fruits of the same three - slowly but surely rising in intensity, atonal basslines, still dry hats and softened kicks at 4x4, shaky background arrangements, in short - no unpleasant surprises, it's everything you could expect from Rrose-authored production.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 16 November 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Infrastructure New York ● INF023

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBoomkatBleepHardwaxJunoDeejayHMV


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