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10 November 2016
Q'le - Parabola Tape 001


    Dino Kulenovic aka Q'le is a producer from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina's capital city. His predilection towards underground scene as opposed to mainstream is obvious not only from his pitch dark productions, but actually straight off the bat - you don't chose an obscure three-letter moniker with an apostrophe in it if you want to be found easily, and by the way, because of that, his discography is erroneously scattered across three artist pages on beatport - Q'le, Q le and Qle. Careless record labels' owners (or their assistants) are probably to blame for these inaccuracies, but speaking of labels - tracks of Q'le have been published on two dozens of those and he's been featured on over 50 releases since he started producing back in 2010. First in a series of Parabola's cassette-accompanied releases, this EP boasts remixes from Dragan Lakic aka Forest People and industrial techno demon Dave Foster aka Huren.

    Plainly-called 130 BPM piece Raw isn't burdened by any sort of ambient introduction and welcomes the listener with thudding 4x4 kick drum that's quickly joined by an ear-tiring, low running oscillation. After a quick break, preceded by gradually rising soft noise wall, next elements are brought up - an egg shaker, commonly used high hats, three closely cooperating, non-overlapping layers of stabs that are running in different channels, and a short, slightly roaring bassline - it's a club-oriented brand of dark techno. Forest People lowers the tempo 2 BPM points down, gets rid of the shaker, as well as low oscillation, and embellishes the kick drum with a neat metallic sample at the top of the spectrum, he adds a short, acidic bassline loop, a slightly distorted and reverberated, but plenty panned arrangement that will follow the track until the end, and horn-resembling 2x4 stabs that go well with the rest of the noisy set-up; high hats sample that he uses is either properly filtered or replaced completely, but it's barely recognizable. Huren elevates the tempo to 135 BPM and slams heavy distortion processing on short but sharp kicks and a noise-shaped 2x4 bassline loop; syncopated and high-passed clanging disorients the listener as the oddly-arranged, resonating droning induces a trance state that is hard to wake up from.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 10 November 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Cassette

Record LabelCatalog: Parabola Records ● PRBLTAPE001

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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