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09 December 2016
Prince Of Denmark - 8


    Boy-oh-boy, were the dub technoheads excited when they learned that the shady artist Prince Of Denmark will use this moniker again for the first release in 3 years. And not just any release, the biggest album he produced so far, amounting to eight 12" vinyls, which, as it became known, aside from freshly squeezed out material, features plethora of long time sought after unreleased tracks that he was teasing in his sets for some three years, as well as four beautiful prints of his artworks. And finally, it's here! The day of release has come, and fans of Prince Of Denmark from all over the world have rejoiced in a unifying bliss! Except... not really. A peak into electronic music message boards will render obvious that the limited quantities of 8 made most of the people even more upset than the €100 price tag, and once the only site that sold the boxset ran out of copies, the internet camp quickly became divided into those who cursed both Prince Of Denmark and Forum using every word from the book of profanities, wishing that the very snakes depicted on the artworks would pick their eyes out for all reasons mentioned above plus the unavailability of digital edition, and those who made an early purchase and were condescendingly suggesting others not to get upset and wait for more copies to arrive. And while this heated drama slowly reaches its third act, we'll say a few words about release itself.

    As you would expect, the album consists predominantly of restrained dub techno cuts of various shapes and sizes, produced in Prince Of Denmark's signature style of calefacient analog goodness, but it doesn't lack a few more energetic tribal house and tech house tracks, as well as two beatless, hypnagogic pieces. The comprehensive collection contains a ridiculous number of 23 tracks and runs 3 hours in total. As for the tempo, the tracks that contain percussion are paced at speeds starting from 120 BPM and finishing with 128 BPM, so there is plenty of material to chose from if you plan to utilize any of the 8 vinyls in your set... That is, if your budget and availability of the boxset in the single selling store will appropriately cross paths on the plain of possibilities.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 9 December 2016

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Forum ● FORUM V

Purchase Links: Giegling


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