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07 November 2016
PEG - Scopia


    Spanish artist Javier Algarra has been producing minimal and house works since 2007, but in 2016 he decided to redirect his sound towards techno and created PEG. It's is his 5th EP under this alias, and let's admit it - 5 EPs in one year is generously prolific. After publishing on 808 Recordings, Vector Functions Records and Mephyst, he moved on to Italian label Absolute Records, with what we find to be his most impressive release so far - Scopia, last track of which is remixed by ArchivOne and Key Clef.

    128 BPM opener Introscopia starts off with ear-ringing that one gets from being near a massive explosion, which, after getting a vocal go ahead command, is quickly crossed over by syncopated kicks, moderately distorted, acidic mid-range oscillation, sets of clicking and thickening, as well as open 4/4 hats, high-reaching metallic bands, hissing sweeps and dense, noise-shaped fields that quickly pan through the channels, creating dizzy spells. Spatial piece Azuloscopia drops off one BPM point and brings with it sweeps of fragmented soft noise, measured 4/4 kicks with strong accent on first hit supported by engaging low-range oscillation, thickly clicking, panning 8/8 hats, syncopated & bitcrushed stabs, non-intrusive arrays of claps, stretched-out bells, and cosmic, cold ambient backdrops. Grim number Viruscopia retains the tempo, making use of heavy duty 4/4 kicks running aside a quieter, supportive 16/16 arrangement, clicking and sandy 4/4 hats, squeaking and stretched-out bleeping stabs, and multiple layers of uncanny, resonant, and slightly detuned ambiances. Microscopia returns to 128 BPM tempo, syncopated percussion, and infrequent use of unintelligible vocal bits, with craftily-shaped, three-dimensional 5/6 kicks and just as originally sounding, left-channel-leaning 16/16 hats, whose gain is being changed in a revolving manner, surprisingly fitting, properly filtered tambourines that are traveling freely through the channels, occasional hits of alarming pads, and plethora of dense, noise-shaped, and resonantly oscillating, mid-range ambient textures. In his vision of Microscopia, ArchivOne elevates the tempo to 135 BPM, unleashing devastating 4/4 kicks running together with additional layer of hailing 16/16 kicks, supported by abrasive, noise-shaped 16/16 hats, another set of open 4/4 hats, an intensifying acidic loop which is barely audible under the salvos of percussion, and layers of bleeping stabs running at their own, shifted time signature. Key Clef stays with 128 BPM for his remix, introducing sharp 4/4 kicks that by times become syncopated, dry 16/16 hats that change in thickness back and forth, interestingly filtered claps, reverberated vocal loops, bleeping pads, several sets of acidic, as well as hollow stabs, and electro-leaning, troubled, arpeggiated bassline.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 7 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Absolute Records ● ABS028

Purchase Links: BeatportBandcamp


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