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04 November 2016
Orphx - Pitch Black Mirror


    There is no talking about industrial side of techno without mentioning Orphx. This time however, they deliver an EBM rather than a techno release, and yes, the difference is prominent to a point that techno purists might wrinkle their noses and wait for this EBM phase in Orphx production timeline to pass. But if you don't mind some EBM, this LP might hit home for you. It's full of reverberated, ethereal vocals, echoing kicks, distorted claps, and vintage, oldschool synth basslines.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 4 November 2016

Release Format: Digital ● CD ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Sonic Groove ● SGLP02

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcampBoomkatHardwaxJunoDeejayRedeye


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