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31 January 2017
Ontal - PI02


    After a forceful, no-holds-barred onset by VOFA (Sawf and ANFS), Greek imprint Pi Electronics, also known as π, will finally release tracks that have been in circulation of closed DJ circle since summer. We will earwitness the joint effort of Serbian underground duo Ontal and Canada's finest industrial act Orphx, both of which are greatly appreciated techno acts, ruthless in their approach to production.

    In 127 BPM opener PI02.1, the calmly opening sequence of leisurely stretched bells is abruptly invaded by devastating, acid-soaked 4/4 kicks supported by additional, quieter hits at double speed, sandy 4/4 hats, clanging of metal bars at 1/4, explosions of charges going off and backdrops, shaped out of soft noise and metallic droning; while the effect is rather staggering, PI02.1 doesn't come off as a rapid onslaught, perhaps due to bells that keep casually tolling, despite all the ruckus of the scene. With PI02.2, the story is similar—excruciating 4/4 kicks, whose shock waves reverberate with delay in both channels, dry, clicking 4/4 hats that triple the frequency of the hits in the main sections, sheer sheets of noise, fractured to make semblance of additional percussion, 16/16 bands that appear in the second half, resembling distant artillery salvos, thirst-inducing, abrasive pads, and occasional, menacing striking of a doomsday clock that informs of end being nigh. In their remix of PI2.1 - two BPM points in tempo above the original number, Orphx don't fool around with slow build-ups and immediately unleash apoplectic 16/16 kicks with strong accent on every 4th hit, additional hits of toms, two sets of dry 16/16s & tonal 4/4 hats, revolving, abundantly distorted synths that go from wet to dry to roaring states, and a catchy acidic bassline that appears in the second half and get stuck in mind's inner audio recorder for good. PI02.3—the most energetic track of release, elevates to 130 BPM, making use of relentlessly attacking, earth-flattening 16/16 kicks supported by metallic bands attached to them in high range, hissing 4/4 together with additional 12/12 hats, occasionally rising, dense ambiances, and a speeding, completely rogue, moderately distorted bassline loop; that's one hell of a closer.

    PI02 is as rough as rocks in your face—unpolished rocks if that makes any difference, and it's a good example of what modern industrial techno can be. Digital version is said to get a release in March 6th but it is well worth the weight, so unless you're going for vinyl package, make sure to visit π's Bandcamp page when that day arrives.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 31 January 2017

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Pi Electronics ● PE02

Purchase Links: BandcampTriple Vision


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