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08 September 2016
Onomono - SN​-​IZN EP


    Japanese techno/IDM act Onomono aka O.N.O caught our attention completely accidentally, after a random Beatport create digging resulted in discovery of his imaginative 2015 album Outcome, which was released on Japanese label Ultra-Vybe and later got a full-length, free-download remixes VA. Since then we've discovered quite a few of his releases, most notably a whopping 18 tracks reissue of his previously vinyl-only works titled Onomono EP Tools Compilation, his mixed release Unifys, and a slew of appearances on his imprint STRUCT.

    This EP he modestly delivers, bypassing involvement of any label, through his own Bandcamp page (wherein this is merely a second release), which makes once thing obvious right off the bat - this guy couldn't care less about the hype. Paced at 124-125 BPM, these three cybernetic tracks are a fantastic showcase to his production skills, extending somewhere between the possibility of being used as dancefloor weapons and soundtracking a gathering of suits that don't mind some energy on their private venue. Onomono proves himself once again as a bright exemplary of underground Japanese techno, and the one to keep an eye on.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 8 Spetember 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: None

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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