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30 October 2016
Modular Phaze - Expander EP


    We on Aivazovsky Waves have been keeping a close eye on Colombian artist Manuel Mucua, and here's why. According to Beatport, he started producing under the moniker of Modular Phaze in 2015, and as of October 2016, Modular Phaze has been featured on over 50 releases - most of them being his solo EPs. Impressive number, wouldn't you say? And if you want our opinion - the quantity matches the quality in most cases. Now here's where it gets even more interesting - Manuel Mucua has been also producing since 2012 under his own name and has been featured on over 200 releases scattered through some 40 labels, including his own imprint Mephyst. And most of them are - you guessed it, his solo works. Talk of prolific. So in case you're completely unfamiliar with him, the three-tracker he brought to Ella Unique is a good starting point. Let us do a quick break-down.

     Completely in 4x4, this EP starts with a 128 BPM stomper enriched with the right amount of digital noise, stretched bell signals and overlapping hats that create impenetrable wall in high range of spectrum. The following number is in 125 BPM, and here attention's shifted to the the spacy, thudding kicks, supported by the wildly panned bassline and abundantly reverberated, independently arranged bells, while the series of attacking hats leaves slightly more space for us to breathe. The acidic, earth-shattering 127 BPM finale provides not one moment for the peaceful recess and is aimed exactly at a dancefloor's peak time. Our consensus - killer release.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 30 October 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Ella Unique ● ELL012

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadDJShop


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