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12 May 2017
Mikadroid - I Will Be No More EP


    Hot on heels of his second album on Parabola Records, Mikadroid offers the world his six EP—in 2017 that is, which, if you're at all familiar with the scene, should put some thought into your heads. Those numbers can be deemed as quite prolific even for big time producers that are generally known for churning out releases faster than anyone is able to stock on new hard drives (assuming they keep the music in lossless—as one should). Borrowing an alias from an obscure Japanese sci-fi movie, creatively toying with irregular, by times, dare we say, never-before-heard beat structures and having the prowess of turning them into very danceable and energetic material—now that's something that we could speak of not many (Hyo and Scalameriya would be the first ones to jump into mind); and yet gracing with his appearance(s) a label such as Industrial Philarmonics, generally known as a spot for overly-clipped and more often than not, formulaic "dark" techno where you wouldn't normally expect to hear a lot of out-of-the-box material—all this makes Mikadroid a very interesting beast, the one who clearly doesn't mind swimming against the current to get where he needs, and the one that is well worthy of being swam after (metaphor for keeping an ear out for new releases). So what can we say about this nothing if not dystopian offering I Will Be No More, published on a quickly rising to prominence German label Dreizehn Schallplatten? Why, primarily that we hope the title of this EP bears no influence on this producer's future releases.

    Kicking things off with a 131 BPM opener, Mikadroid engages neatly syncopated, rapid 11/8 kicks, supported by instigating low bass oscillation running at double speed, densely running 16/16 hats alongside ear-patting, sandy sweeps at 4/4 and 2/4, with plenty more percussive layers such as occasional hits of open hats joining in the latter sections, then also resonant, distressful bells at 16/16 and fields of positively eerie, suspenseful ambiances—simply put, Your Days Are Numbered is a severely effective introduction. A BPM-faster continuation Milane carries on pretty much in the same spirit—revolving, vertigo-inducing and overlapping hat patterns, stabs that resemble a sound of quick and successive immersions into unidentified liquid substance, both flying at insane speeds over relentless 6/4 kicks, its ever-stalking 16/16 oscillation, and occasional, stretching bullhorn pads, all drawing an image of million particles, which were solid objects just a second ago, going airborne as a result of an explosion that keeps unraveling. Running at that same speed, No More does a remarkably great job at attacking from all ends, turning kicks into a one big 16/16 salvo, engaging oppressive layers of metallic hats that cut through high ranges of the spectrum at meteoric velocities, and majestic drones that signal nothing but impending doom... use that to score a Roland Emmerich picture for hell's sake, and maybe then people will actually be able experience a disaster properly. Closing number This Is It, also paced at 132 BPM, makes a great addition to the batch, where different arrangements of hats are wisely thrown in each channel in order to enhance the stereo effect, the kicks are made to strike twice before the second bar comes due, as always enhanced with spikes of low bass, and where the gloom is dominating the scene with ghostly drones and uncanny, disturbing pads, as tonally warm as a cadaver in a well-maintained body fridge.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 12 May 2017

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Dreizehn Schallplatten • DRE031

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