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20 January 2017
Kondaktor - Afrikanochetos LP


    Kondaktor aka Slydex, hails from Athens, Greece; his releases on Further Records in 2012, Modal Analysis in 2014 (the label he co-owns) and Where To Now in 2016 have been few and far between, but they've always been worth the wait. Always experimental, abstracted techno to industrial noise and drone - he's always willing to try new ideas and on this outing for Abstract Reality he doesn't disappoint.

    A side opener and title track Afrikanochetos grabs you by the proverbials, high-energy tribal drums from the start are joined by a thudding kick & more percussive detail, it all sounds incredibly organic. King Konga is a little more heady, it has a slightly sombre tone, like a funeral of a tribal elder, screams and crying add to this very serious atmosphere. Whilst this tribal theme continues throughout, it's never more raw and unfettered than on Mekounidiatiko - relentless and intensely hypnotic, it might just put you in a trance. Kalapatsibana is the only piece without percussion, a delightful field recording of a bustling market, joined by a deep industrial drone. Flip over to the B side and this is where the party gets into full swing - on Fokionos Negri, a kick drum hums along to the percussion, giving the track a slightly more mechanical feel; still, an undoubted floor filler. Robertochavra continues in this vein though it does have a slightly more laid back feel, a mysterious voice certainly does soothe, some calm before the main event? The scene is set in Kazakos Sereos with more found sounds... a crowd bristling with anticipation as the band march into the square - it's riotous good fun; seriously if you're listening to this at home, you'll do well not to leap out of your chair and shake your ass. The drums and undertone of computer noise on Aseme Ischio will have your head in a spin after the precedent craziness as numerous chattering voices add to the disorientation.

    Make no mistake, this LP is served up with an large dose of fun, but that in no way detracts from the sophistication we've come to expect from the contemporary electronic music in the Greek capital. Excellent!

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 20 January 2017

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Abstract Reality • ABRE002

Purchase Links: BandcampJunoTechniqueTriple VisionToolbox RecordsRedeyeDeejay


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