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15 December 2016
Joon Feulster - Hypnagogia


    Year 2016 seen the rise of many great techno artists. We believe that Joon Feulster is one of them. Gwenael Sye Joon Legoff, which is his real name, is Seoul-born, Nantes-based producer who hasn't had any previous releases until now, at least not under this moniker, but we can definitely see why Digital branch of Italian independent label Arts opted to accept and publish his three-tracker Hypnagogia.

    The titular track is an abundant in details and effective dancefloor number; it kicks off with hefty, thudding 4/4 drum kicks that by times are getting doubled for one bar, a groovy mid-to-low range oscillation, widely reverberated acidic spills, short 8/4 and shifted open hats arranged in a non-stagnating, ever-shifting order, multiple layers of panning, elusive stabs - arranged also naturalistically, seemingly without a pattern, and craftily shaped claps that make a seldom, but apt appearances. Night Terror makes use of enhanced, acid-soaked kicks, revolving and panning, incessant soft noise-shaped arrangements that only stop during the breaks, densely running, icy, resonant stabs that occur every 16-to-32 bars depending on track sections, sandy 6/6 hats, poignant 4/4 hats that leisurely travel between the channels, and another set of open, panning 5/5 hats, that sometimes give a pass to one other additional hit; good-natured ambient fields arise in the breaks and make short cameos upon every 64 bars, enriching the piece spiritually. Sleep Walker, while running at the same pace as the others and utilizing similarly shaped kicks that are just slightly more accentuated in the left channel, is more of a laid-back composition that makes use of minute-long breaks with ghostly, enigmatic ambient soundscapes, dry 4/4 hats and additional set of needle-thick hats that run at incalculable time signatures due to their frequent echoing, both of which arc in gain every 4 bars, and 3-note tech-house stabs with occasional, delayed soft pads that repeat as they quickly get more silent. All tracks are in major key and were produced at a tempo of 127 BPM.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 15 December 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Arts Digital ● AD092

Purchase Links: Beatport


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