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21 March 2016
Imaginary Forces - Visitation


    Anthoney J. Hart is ever the experimentalist—since his early productions of drum & bass his work has tended to lean more toward industrial noise and techno abstractions, Visitation, a 12" from 2016, comes to us from Swedish label Fang Bomb, and follows impressive releases in 2015: an album "Low Key Movements"—released by Entr'acte, and a three-track EP "Shift Work" on Bedouin Records.

    First number Preternatural lives up to the name—its obscurity is of extreme proportions. Unsettling from start to finish, heavy-footed, moist kick drums are laid down at pace that get things moving through a droning, otherworldly environment, populated by an array of minimal but intricate industrial noises; sandy hats add to the unrest while distressed vocal contortions echo from the darkness that chimes with metallic details. Rather perversely, as black as night, Enlightenment drives with 4/4 kicks through a thoughtful, mysterious ambiance focused by its mean, bassy synths, while tight snares project a twitchy anxiety; it brings to mind a restless detective, searching for answers in the dead of night, hunting down someone or something against a sci-fi, noir backdrop. Titular track Visitation drags out rumbling, severed melodies with droning pads before heavily reverberated bass kicks set an assertive tone, joined by low-level, micro FX, masquerading as an angry bee, increasing steadily in amplitude; once in full swing, harsh, abrasive snares are introduced, which proceed to swat murderously at the incessantly buzzing insect, in what is a fine example of experimental, modular techno. Finally, on (A-Drift), Hart's regular collaborator Closed Circuits provides spoken lyrics. Tick-tock, tick-tock: the metronomic motions of an old grandfather clock provide a calming backdrop for the words to mingle within a dense oscillating ambiance; by the midpoint, electrical noise and distorted high peaks clash, providing eerie harmonics for this dystopian poem that has a distinct Orwellian feel.

    This is certainly my favorite Imaginary Forces release to date, each track demonstrates great skill and creativity. Shaped in various forms of experimental, abstracted, and industrial techno, the productions have a stripped feel. Utilizing only what is absolutely necessary to achieve the desired results, Anthoney J. Hart just keeps getting better!

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 21 March 2016

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Fang Bomb • FB026

Purchase Links: BandcampBoomkatNorman RecordsStashed GoodsJunoClear Spot


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