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01 July 2016
Himmelkompass - Felsige Planeten


    Ukraine-based Alex Volkov is primarily know for his productions in trance, ambient and downtempo genres. Himmelkompass is one his many monikers, under which he started publishing imaginative techno and IDM music in 2013. Felsige Planeten is his fourth EP and it contains our favorite track of his, which is why we're glad to present it to you.

    Titular track starts gently and enticingly, slowly inducing sensation of depth and unraveling profound atmosphere. Low oscillating and slightly distorted, warmly roaring bassline leisurely shifts into higher ranges of the spectrum and is soon joined by soft, syncopated 2x4 kicks, stretching fields of ambient backdrop and two dry and panned sets of hats. Flawless build-up and execution, paced at 127 BPM. Sternentwicklung rises 3 BPM points up and takes a bit of a left turn - it employs elements of glitch, overused high hats sample and bassline that sometimes feels more inherent to psy-trance, but the essence of the piece is, undeniably, techno. Once again, everything is arranged with syncopation. Lavendelfelder slows down to 125 BPM and reveals it's genric nature right away. Mid-range bleeps, short kicks in 4x4, characteristic bassline, all of the things that you would expect from a minimal/tech-house production.

    Our pick, of course, is number one, but other two tracks might serve you as well if you're putting together a diversified set.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 1 July 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Krata ● KRATA025

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownload


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