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30 November 2016
Härdstedt - UM016


    Swedish label Under Molnet was created in 2014 and over its run established itself as a home for deep, atmospheric ambient, downtempo and techno music. UM016 is a second release featuring Örebro-based Härdstedt and a quasi-cameo from kuf, hailing from Eskilstuna, since their April 2016 split titled UM011, and it might be the most captivating release we've seen on the label.

    Härdstedt's solo contributions are paced at 130 BPM, and start with Rörelse (Movement) - a number opening with panned synths shaped to resemble chirping rainforest birds, syncopated, effective 5x4 drum patterns supported by short stabs that slowly come into focus from the shadows, a soft, oscillating three-note stab loop, several levels of dry, organic hats, and an ambient field whose low pass is constantly being leveled up and down. Psyke (Psyche) employs two sets of similarly syncopated drum percussion - a 5x4 and a heavier 2x4, a driving, microfractured bassline that roars warningly - almost as a wild feline, telling you to stay away for your own's sake, and dichotomizing hats that move from right to left channel with each hit and reverberate softly in the background. Oreda (Disarray) greets us with mid-range, distressing alarm signals, 3x4 kicks, and multiple layers of craftily arranged hats, some of which by times undergo a familiar low pass treatment. In his vision of kuf's Pärs (Ordeal) - a track whose original version we've yet to encounter, Härdstedt rises tempo up to 134 BPM, and utilizes a masterly-built liquid synth loop that resembles a sound that you hear when you plunge into water, a soft noise wall, oddly-arranged 8x4 kicks, slowly rising in volume, panned egg shakers, and resonant pads that timidly appear after first minute ends, bringing into mind the flow of small particles in a large stream.

    Highly recommended for those that enjoy Abdulla Rashim, Stanislav Tolkachev and offworldcolonies' productions.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 30 November 2016

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Under Molnet • UM016

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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