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25 November 2016
Fundamentalist - Terrible Century EP


    Not three months after his downright imposing debut on Mephyst titled Patriot Anti-modernist EP, Colombian soundly-named artist Fundamentalist brings another four-tracker of no holds-barred techno - this time on O.V.N.I.

    Titular track, paced at 124 BPM, welcomes us with excruciating, factory-scale kicks, inverting, apathetic toms and metallic hats in mid-range, shifted half a bar from kicks - both at 4x4. Additional set of metallic 16x4 hats arrives with the second half of the track and enhances this already full-blooded, truly industrial work. Named with a pinch of gallows humor, Ballistic Missiles Like The Rain rises two BPM points up and gives your ears a chance to recover by going slightly easier on the toms that here serve for kicks. Softly roaring, panned bassline and 16x4 hats run their rushed game and a 4x4 hat sample walks tall in the right channel as the distant, prolonged whistle scatters across the soundfield. Acidic bassline loop and sets of stretching thin pads on 127 BPM Reborn Nations make the track sound in touch with our times of cutting edge science; while the kicks get slightly more muffling, dry hats run at double speed to increase the perceived rapidity and deliberately asynchronous stabs disrupt the rhythm in a non-obstructive manner. New Spiritual Crusher slows down to 125 BPM and introduces an oscillating, panned drone that flows along the thudding 4x4 kicks and free-range hats, double-speed stabs and acidic basslines, both seemingly rising up in pitch all the time as the piece moves forward.

    Fundamentalist again showcases his production skills in a very masterful manner. Recommended for fans of Ontal, Vegim and Luke Slater.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 25 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: O.V.N.I. ● OVNI007

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownload


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