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13 June 2017
Frankie Serious - Density Of Events LP


    If memory serves you well, you should still remember Francesco Seri's outstanding debut album and a special gem of Switch Off Records titled Symmetry Breaking—a ten-track effort of varied and imaginative productions that we praised so lovingly upon it's release in late 2016. And what do you know, precisely 6 months (and one EP) later we get an even bigger portion of works published under the name Frankie Serious—a complete second LP, whose title also lies close to physics lingo. Yes, Density Of Events is the name and the album is everything one could expect from a good sequel—content in the same vain that everyone enjoyed, but better, brighter, and in bigger quantities, and by the way, those of you upstanding citizens who listen to sets on our podcast might've heard some of that content in Seri's own podcast episode.

    Regarding the energy that could make one stand up and jump or at the very least get their head rocking thinking about it, there is not a weak link in the album's proverbial chain, but we would prefer to outline several works that are immediately dancefloor-effective: Density, Ace, Waves Collide and also Crappy Tube (126, 129, 130 and 132 BPM respectively) are all peak-hour numbers aimed precisely at adding the fuel to the already burning fire, straight 4/4s on kicks of each, densely running additional percussion, basslines and ambiances that complement the flow rather than trying to swim against it; using them as openers would be premature, the wise thing to do is to engage those once the crowd was properly warmed up, or else the effect would be similar to a discomforting thrust caused by instant acceleration from 1 to 100. Now, make no mistake, the reason other tracks are moved to a different category is not because they are mellow, quite on the contrary, but rather because their melancholic, minor-key tones might go either way for the listeners, making them either more prone to move in accord with the rhythms or put them in a brooding, static mood, if they are predisposed to that sort of thing; these things can be said in address of touching, sorrow-inducing, by times even mournful melodies on Construction, Ascending Spiral, Chromatic Waves and Detachment (all paced at 129 BPM) which might and will pull at some heartstrings, but, as pointed out previously, not at the cost of danceability. Given some consideration, it would be fair to say that Corrupted, Who's There, and Illusory Landscape (128, 129, 128 BPM), lie somewhere in between the two, not yielding in full measure to melancholic inclinations while providing with incessant torrents of perpetually oncoming energy. "What about the remaining two?" you might ask? Well, it is probably safe to say that Below The Surface, whose atonally bouncing stabs can easily confuse the reason and Interrupted Observations, with its syncopated, cascading kicks, deserve a whole category of their own; call it what you will—oddities, outsiders, wonders of techno nature, but putting them in a set and making it sound well aside the others will require a degree of DJ wizardry.

    So there you go—Density Of Events—two magnificent hours of pure-bred techno, outstanding second album by Frankie Serious, it is definitely worth all your attention. Give it a good listen, try out other releases by Seri and keep a good eye on this guy. He is, without a doubt, an artist to follow.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 13 June 2017

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Switch Off Records • SORLP005

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