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16 October 2016
Fell - Helvellyn


    A new Berlin-based label Primal Instinct launches with a four-tracks, vinyl-only EP Helvellyn—a debut from newcomer by the name of Fell.

    The A side plays in a holistic fashion, instilling visions of the ancient Far East, a Chinese dynasty or an order of monks. 3.120 is a pure delight, the gentle striking of a gong sets up a meditative ambiance and signals a call to prayers. Eerie melodic pads fill the cavernous hall, soaking up bass FX that drip from above while ghostly murmurs and serrated snares occasionally interrupt and echo softly, but never really disturb the serenity. NY.385.169 is next and it brings forth a greater energy, driven by its ceremonial drums; strung a little loose, they distort slightly—and with them, the synthwork becomes more harsh too: drones get sharper and also colder, the engagement of brash found sounds is used to great effect as well, things take on a bit of menace but without destroying the monasterial atmosphere. Over on the B side and the tone darkens considerably with Talker's Remix of The Descent: punishing kick drums are joined by coarse hats and fractured cymbals, while the whole composition seems to breathe as the dry synths rise and fall throughout, it takes us into a more familiar 21st century setting; a fine example of driving, Post-Industrial Techno. The Descent has a darkened mystique: thumping kicks are joined by scraping cymbals, bringing to mind the sharpening of a sword; hollowed-out, wooden hats and well-placed clacking snares build an undeniable tension while the sound of a circular saw cuts through which is characterized by whining mechanized screams, providing an intriguing counterpoint in this ritualistic episode.

    Finding Helvellyn has been felt as an experience of unearthing a little gem; with four uniquely crafted cuts of futurist techno explorations, contemplative and experimental Fell clearly has a fearless and exhaustive approach to production. You really wouldn't think of it as of a debut release at all, which certainly makes it one of the best-kept secrets of 2016.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 17 October 2016

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Primal Instinct • PI.001

Purchase Links: BandcampJunoHardwaxHHVDecksDeejay


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