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29 November 2018
Federico Amoroso, The Horrorist - EBM


    After some two years in business and well over 200 releases by the artists from all over the globe, Federico Amoroso's digital-only offshoot ITU is ready to roll out its first physical release. Titled EBM (and nothing but), the twelve-incher features two down-and-dirty, vocals-featured works by the label originator himself as well as an immaculate single by The Horrorist.

    Striking precisely at the heart of '80s-evocative EBM sound and blending it with deliberately detuned synthwave pads which made the nail-biting scenes in each installment of the Elm Street slashers so bloody unnerving, Amoroso's opener comes off as a near-perfect score for the credits' sequence to one of such constantly fading but never to be forgotten, cults-amassing flicks; pulling an uneasy feat of being languorous, dejected, full of bile and yet irresistible at the same time, My Blood On Your Blood would also undoubtedly be welcomed at a good number of German off-the-grid clubs where darkness makes the ultimate authority.

    Shifting in paradigm towards higher dance-ability but keeping all the dark about it, the follower offers to Taste The Fear of someone (perhaps even in a cannibalistic way) rather than experience it; complementing the previous track, in other words, its blood-boiling bassline and mentally-unsound ambiance puts the listener into the role of a death-fed, adrenaline-overloaded hunter who seeks out the prey—as opposed to a terrified victim in hiding that tries to fine-tune its hearing, so inconveniently impaired by an overly resonant heart pounding.

    Never one to disappoint no matter where his track is situated, The Horrorist makes a tempting offer of a temporary immersion into the Total Blackness: here, percussive elements constantly combat for superiority over the audible spectrum with an enviable might, producing waves of energy bursting out with each clash and rendering no one in vicinity unaffected and uninstigated. A whip and a treat for the body no less, this closer finishes the record off on a stark note, leaving little to be desired even for the industrious EBM heads.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 29 November 2018

Release Format: Digital • Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Industrial Techno United • ITU001VINYL

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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