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06 December 2016
Dinamite - Excelsior


    Even though her first work was published in 2013, Spanish producer and DJ Ana Zaragoza has been performing as Dinamite long before that, proverbially setting some of the biggest techno clubs (such as Tresor) on fire with her explosive sets. 2015 marked important event in her artistic journey - her debut EP was published on Planet Rhythm, and it put Dinamite on the map in a substantial way. FFWD to 2016 - Dinamite's tracks pop up on Affin, AYCB, Girafe Sauvage, Illegal Alien Records, and finally, her second solo EP gets a release - on a cherished multidisciplinary imprint Detroit Underground.

    Polyrhythmic 128 BPM opener starts off cautiously, with two layers of cold, sci-fi-redolent stab loops, syncopated sharp toms that get widely echoed, expanding the dimensions significantly, closed 4/4 hats, reverberated, half-bar shifted 2/4 snares sometimes accompanied by another level of dense 16/4s that execute their programmed agenda in the background, and seldom voice notifications from the Enterprise's AI. Excelsior retains the tempo and immediately unleashes its syncopated nail-thick kick attacks on the listener; what comes next are muffled low stabs running at double speed, a subtle, slightly distorted oscillation in mid-range, encrypted back-and-forth between 4 notes of pads, polyphonic, smoothly laid out bassline, shifted open hats at 4/4 that get joined by dense and dry 16/4 set along with reverberated claps in the second half, and ever-looming, stressful ambiance. Odyssey slows down to 120 BPM, unleashing steady 4/4 kicks, resonant 1/4 claps, metallic, clanging samples at 2/4 that get ping-ponged and high-passed in the break sections, dry 16/4 plus noise-shaped 4/4 hats, dubby pads that freely travel through the channels, and bits of audible electricity that by times runs through wires that connect the listener's ears. Sovereign returns to 128 BPM, and closes the run utilizing two sibling toms that run inseparably every four bars, ever-rising and falling, anticipant ambient fields, timid, dripping three-note stab loop, closed 4/4 hats, short, imperceptibly pitching bands arranged at 16/4, and an edited two-party communication that was recorded while what seems to be a spaceship launch preparation was taking place.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 6 December 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Detroit Underground ● DU-LAB11

Purchase Links: BandcampBeatportJunodownloadBoomkatBleep


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