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08 June 2017
Cressida - Toxic Masculinity


    Cressida has really come of age in 2017: after his recent, downright filthy contribution to LNDwht005 and an exceptional Hymn To Lust EP on Voitax he launches the Syncretism label with Toxic Masculinity—another four-track, vinyl-only EP, this time with three originals and a remix from French producer UVB.

    Flanked by serrated hats and later scarred by razor sharp cymbals, tight, hardened kicks launch an all-out assault on Toxic Masculinity, while hollow, woody snares soon metamorphose into a savage onslaught, bringing to mind a scene of some poor soul receiving a caning; minimal and oscillating, deeply buried synth lines help this opener to its final resting place, but it's really all about the percussion—in that sense, it has quite a traditional format, but what sets it apart are the clever arrangements; there is great interest in the fine details. Next up, the titular piece gets the UVB Testosterone treatment, and he keeps it fairly pure: hard and unrelenting, the kick drums are dried out a little and rearranged into 4/4 patterns, while the hats and snares feel as though they've been lubricated—effortlessly slipping in and out of the brutal framework; everything floats on a sea of low-lying, noisy, fluctuating synths. On Snakecharmer, incessant machine-like kicks sit in a heavy, industrially generated rumble; like the coiled snake, it's brimming with potential energy. Ultra light and almost feathery, hi-hats and cymbals take off, mimicking the serpent as it rises from the basket, while the screaming, mutant FX increases considerably in amplitude for a mid-point break, where the track totally explodes into an evil, Aphexian frenzy, redolent of hardcore, braindance techno of Richard D. James. Heavy-laden kicks begin to fizz away in the quaking electronic noise on closer Neurotic X—again, it has some 90's nostalgia about it too, the percussive workout being reminiscent of early Amon Tobin but at a higher tempo; with its thoughtful and atmospheric tone it's the most experimental composition here, a beautiful and unique exploration of post-dub-techno.

    Toxic Masculinity is a fine example of modern techno, presented in Cressida's own unique vision, it's not without experimentation, it's as hard as the proverbial, and has enough energy to power a small town. This is a must-have for any serious techno mixologists.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 8 June 2017

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Syncretism • SYNCRETISM001V

Purchase Links: JunoOYE-RecordsDisco PiùHHVDecksDeejay


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