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22 August 2016
Convextion - 2845


    If NASA folks someday get it in their minds to employ a sound designer so he could score their respective duties, i.e. sending astronauts to explore the far reaches of cosmic depths (and Jeff Mills is too busy to pick up the phone), they should take a trip to Texas, because this is where the residence of Texan producer Gerard Hanson aka Convextion is located.

    Once again returning to his signature, 70s' science fiction inspired sound, he has built 7 vintage tracks that will give you an impression of being on board of a spacecraft, the way these were represented a few decades ago - bleeping, chirping, buzzing upon every button being pressed on a control panel, while the stars outside the illuminator are somehow audibly resonating with mysterious tones, in harmony with the ship's inner jam.


Release Type: Album

Release Date: 22 August 2016

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: A.R.T.LESS ● A.R.T.LESS VEXT LP 1

Purchase Links: BandcampBoomkatHardwaxJunoDeejayDecksRedeyeClone


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