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09 January 2017
Burden & DLT - Roundub


    Burden & DLT - an electronic duet of London-based producers originating from Italy, are back with an EP on Portugal-based label trau-ma established by Robert S, not month after their first collaborative two-track release saw the light of a digital day on Riot Recordings.

    133 BPM opener Bill starts off with already running, sharp 4/4 kicks and revolving loop of 4 bleak stabs; soon join them, resonant 16/16 hats with another set of short 4/4s that break their simple time signature soon after they arrive, panning, frequent microscopic notes that greatly enhance the space, immersive pads that get echoed in the left channel, occasional washes of craftily shaped noise tides, dense semi-metallic bands that by themselves create stretching walls, and majestic ambient soundscapes, that make their seldom appearances starting closer to the second half and lighten up the moody set-up of the piece. Bolla maintains the tempo, bringing up galloping kicks that unevenly hit 6 times within the 4 bars, a bouncy mid-range bassline, sandy 8/8 hats that run aside nicely snapping 4/4s with accompanying, panning 16/16s, interestingly synthesized, rustling stabs, that run at 1/8 first, but then get more comfortable and transition to 1/4, and inspiriting two-layered ambiance that enriches the background substantially. Titular number Roundub slows down to 128, greeting the listener with its "policy" (you'll get the reference once you listen to it) of bass-supported 4/4 kicks, dense, sandy 12/12 hats with more sets of vastly echoing 4/4s, metallic 12/12, and 4th set of infrequently invoked, but resonantly panning 4/4s, bleeping stabs that run in 5 across every 8 bars and dried-out claps that keep changing their time signature on fly, at first hitting at 1/4 but then condensing to 16/16; while there's a rich abundance of percussive elements, there is no bassline as such, which might seem as though this tool is lacking in tonality, but at the same it time opens doors for mixing it with a plethora of other tracks, which you wouldn't be able to do otherwise while easily remaining within the harmonic system of mixing.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 9 January 2017

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: trau-ma ● TRM39

Purchase Links: BeatportJunodownloadBandcamp


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