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23 January 2017
Blush Response - Human Augmentation


    Born in Miami and based in Berlin, Joey Gonzalez is probably the most prominent figure and biggest inspiration on industrial electronic music scene at the moment. Denizen on aufnahme + wiedergabe and Total Black, he has also joined Ant-Zen with Reshaper, release that Aivazovsky Waves regards as THE industrial techno album of 2016. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that Adam X has signed Blush Response to Sonic Groove. All things considered, we're humbled to be reviewing this EP.

    Beyond Flesh starts off cautiously, giving attention to lower ranges of the spectrum. Steady 4/4 kicks and rhythmically compatible, slightly reverberated acidic bassline make a perfect introduction. Soon join them, a phased arrangements of noise-shaped 16/16 hats, metallic microsignals, and distant, unintelligible vocals. Levels of tension and distortion overload rancor-fueled spectrum as the track reaches its main sections. Unclean Spirit picks up the tempo and expands on the idea - 4/4 drum pattern, moderately distorted basslines, scattered bits of distant vocals and three sets of hats—one dry, one metallic, both at 16/16, and one syncopated, running at 8/4. Machine God ups the game with excruciating, acid-soaked mosnter-kicks, the kind that can barely be withstood—especially if they are running solo. Proceeding elements reveal themselves as cold and tortured bassline, 1/4 noise-shaped, sandy claps and two phased layers of 16/16 and 8/8 hats—one dry and one even more thirst-inducingly drier. Three BPM points higher in tempo than the previous three pieces, 133 BPM paced Instrumentality brings an end to your inner child's audio nightmares with a groovy, completely irresistible panned bassline pedaled with just the right amount of distortion, overlining syncopated 5/4 drums and running next to series of diversified hats—a noisy, tall-walking 2/4 arrangement, terse 4/4, concentrating in the middle range, metallic 8/8 that's reaching slightly higher, and high-reaching, paper-thick samples in time signature of 16/16.

    Consensus: Blush Response delivers once again. Obligatory release for industrial technoheads.

Words by rhetor.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 23 January 2017

Release Format: Digital ● Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Sonic Groove ● SG1776

Purchase Links: BandcampJuno


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