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23 March 2017
ANFS - Tzina's House


    After recently releasing EPs on his impressive new label Vanila, Modal Analysis and a also UK label Inner Surface (The Age of Ephemeral Man EP) it is, perhaps, not much of a surprise that his friend and collaborator ANFS pops up next on Sawf's new imprint Kafta.

    Throbbing and metronomic, Chest quakes with thudding bass which leaves subtle electrostatic prints with each hit; hollow, tinned hats are thrown into the mix next, resulting in a filtered frenzy of heavy breaks and whirring electronic noise that are born of a construction site, bringing to mind oxy acetylene torches, wrecking balls and falling masonry, ensembling in a myriad of demolition work activities. Taking off with the incessant buzzing of a turboprop, Nation is soon blown out of control by the hurricane-strength kicks and into a storm of swirling, break-beaten techno; coming in contact with howling, harmonic melodies, coarse hats and crackling snares begin to bash and scour the delicate fuselage, making the navigation a turbulent, less than steady experience—almost throwing you off balance before finally making a safe touchdown. We're back to the site for Big Heart, where abrasive industrial tones are joined by a repetitive, distorted vocal sample and then eventually by diesel-powered machinery; the ground here is shaking with every earth-shattering hammer blow of a pile driving unit, while the grainy hats are synchronised with its reverberations—this is a pure savagery. Rashad launches an immediate offensive with its brash, in-your-face, dry kick drums and crunching, snappy hats that bite into the thick, droning ambiance, while being driven at a high tempo with hollowed snares and deep, bellowing downdrafts that trigger circular, metallic scrapes, providing a hint of almost percussive melody—a fitting way to end an exhaustive workout.

    ANFS lives up to the expectation on Tzina's House, cutting four unique, experimental and industrial techno beasts in his own beautifully harsh and noisy way. Plenty here for the dancefloor as well as the armchair.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 23 March 2017

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Kafta • KAFTA002

Purchase Links: RebirthJunoCloneDisk UnionHHVDecksDeejay


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