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09 November 2016
Aneed - Nostalgia EP


    Italy-based Antonio Bisogno's contribution to Raven Sigh has got to be our favorite release on this non-commerical industrial netlabel so far. We don't know much about this artist who goes by Aneed, except that he has contributed a track to Mepyst's massive 30-track VA release "Hidden Faces On The Oddities" earlier in 2016, but we will tell you this - when it comes to industrial techno, he's one crafty producer.

    Throughout the release, Aneed employs tempos from 132 to 134 BPM, with straightforward, hammering 4x4 kicks, acidic bleeping patterns that serve as basslines, various types of 16x4 hats that increase a sense of rapidity, fantastically put together synthesized loops that resemble vocal bits, and moderate amounts of distortion - just enough to give it a proper industrial sounding without reaching levels of rhythmic noise. Domenico Petrosino contributes a 135 BPM remix in which he uses his own acidic arrangement as syncopated kicks, redesigns the vocalized synth bassline while slamming some reverb on it, adds some acid loops in double speed plus a commonly used 1x4 high hats sample. The term "warehouse banger" was coined for exactly this type of tracks. Download is of course free and presented in 24b/44.1kHz.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 9 November 2016

Release Format: Digital

Record LabelCatalog: Raven Sigh ● RVN012

Purchase Links: Bandcamp


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