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24 April 2017
Alexey Volkov - Escalation


    Alexey Volkov has certainly become quite prolific in the vinyl medium in recent times, his five (including this one) most recent releases have been through the pressing plant, with impressive form on Jealous God, Stellar Remnant, Linda and Escapism. Next up and after offerings from label boss SNTS and HøRD, it's Volkov's turn to weigh in for the new Sacred Court imprint with four track EP The Escalation.

    He wastes no time in giving your ears a battering with Diana In Silence, where a kick drum—as dry as the Sahara desert—provides a hard and steady 4 x 4 beat which is liberally coated in microscopic digital dust particulate, before synth lines coarsely drift through, much like shifting sand dunes—each one different than the last. EBM/Electro abstractions next in Spirals and the subtle kicks are almost obliterated by a coronal mass ejection of muted acid; crunched hats make their mark on the solar flares as stellar craft come to investigate, bringing their industrial tones with them. Volkov ties it all together expertly, this time utilizing sampled dialogue to further his cause. The Escalation has a ritualistic intensity: scratchy noises slide out from underneath the dampened bass drums that splutter on their own distortion, whilst heavy FX keys choke up on reverberation through detailed layers of echoing abrasive noise. Finally, on Counterfeit Moral Courage the kicks are flattened off, thin metallic hats are joined by layers of hollowed-out percussive detail and sharpened stabs of noise that seem to slide in and out as if lubricated by the smooth, drifty, spaced-out ambiance.

    As if there were ever a reason to doubt that Volkov's form would continue here on Sacred Court. His unique integration of noise and industrial with EBM, Techno and Electro sensibilities and the sheer variety in resulting sounds never fails to satisfy.

Words by b.yond.


Release Type: EP

Release Date: 24 April 2017

Release Format: Vinyl

Record LabelCatalog: Sacred Court • SCX003

Purchase Links: RebirthSamurai Music GroupJunoDisk UnionDecksDeejay


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