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09 January 2017
Interview with Takaaki Itoh


    In this interview, we talked to one of our most cherished idols - Takaaki Itoh, an internationally-renowned Japanese techno artist, whose career stretches over three decades.


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Takaaki, your career in techno stretches over three decades - by all accounts, you're nothing short of a legend. Do you feel the same urge to create and live with techno music as you had at the beginning of your journey?

I still have fresh feeling. I just like music.


We're huge fans of your early releases, particularly your three EPs on Sheep Records, but your production has changed a lot since then. Are you nostalgic of times of 135 BPM tempos and more industrial currents of sound?

That time was great as well. Then I got old. No sticking to fixed thought and preference. I don't mean I left such hard techno style but going forward to inner self now.





Having traveled around the globe so many times, what has been your preferred country of work and/or residence apart from your homeland?

Berlin is great.


Could you name us some of your favorite artists, particularly from Japan?

Iori is great. He makes proper tracks.





What can you tell us about your aliases Yarda and Still Blue? And have you ever used any other aliases, if we may ask?

No more aliases.


You've never been producing in collaboration or within a group - as far as we know. Is making music strictly a personal ritual for you?

I would like to do. It's occasionally and flexible for producing with somebody.


Do you have some tricks that help you find inspiration? Or does production of music always come naturally?

Just going to the club and dancing. That gives me inspiration.




Nowadays, do you produce completely digitally or with help of analogue equipment?

I use both, hardware and software. It's the best way currently.


What are your future goals in regards to your techno act and in general? Will we ever see a full length album by Takaaki Itoh?

I'm a DJ more so than a producer. Just stay on loving music. And no, no idea for my album yet.


Final words for your fans & Aivazovsky Waves readers?

Collect rather small happiness as much as possible everyday.


    We bow to the magnificent Takaaki Itoh for taking the time to do the interview as well as his contribution to Aivazovsky Waves Podcast Series. You can download and stream his episode of our podcast here.
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