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20 February 2017
Interview with Taiki Ozawa


    We had a pleasure of chatting to Taiki Ozawa, a promising Japanese techno artist based in Mexico city who had attracted our attention from his very first release.



Taiki, you started out just recently, in 2016. Have you been producing music previously, employing different pseudonyms, perhaps different genres?

Yes, I was making psychedelic music/sampling/beats as Chaitune. However, the scope of operation didn't go further than the web, and no official activities were executed. I want to restart this project in the near future.


What pushed you to release your first EP for free via netlabel?

I like Cicuta Netlabel, that’s all.





Understood. Which labels in general would you love to get signed on?

I'd love to get signed on WARP Records in the future.


From which artists do you draw influences?

Jeff Mills, Aphex Twin, Oliver Ho, James Ruskin, Surgeon, Dave Clarke, James Holden. These great techno musicians influenced me.


Japanese electronic artists arguably make the most imaginative bunch of producers today. That is to say, the artists from Japan often possess a unique, unparalleled vision of techno. In your opinion, what causes this phenomena?

Hmm... It's a difficult question. I think that, because Japan is an island, Japanese music develops independently. This quality creates good musicians. Or there is Roland haha.


Have people on Japanese techno scene been supportive of your beginnings so far?

Japanese dark minimalist Tomo Hachiga - he is the one who invited me to the scene of techno.





Does production work come easy for you? Could you outline your approach to making tracks?

I don't know if it's easy or not, but I'm constantly making music, it's so interesting to me. The outline of my production is always different because I want to carry on with experimental feeling.


What about DJing? What equipment do you use for that?

I love DJing! I could play any number of hours. I've been using CDJ2000 a lot recently.




What are your future goals in regards to your techno act and in general?

I'll be making electronic music as Taiki Ozawa. I want to contribute to musical history through this activity. I want to connect all these things - people, feeling, time, knowledge, experience - via music.


Any words for your fans & Aivazovsky Waves readers?

Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will continue to develop my musical activity radically! Check it plz!




    We also want to give our thanks to Taiki Ozawa for this wonderful interview and, of course, for his contribution to Aivazovsky Waves Podcast Series. Check out his episode of our podcast here.
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