Aivazovsky Waves is a constantly expanding digital publication. We receive dozens of promos per week, being asked to review and promote releases. Because we are understaffed and aren't running ads, very soon it became impossible to fulfill all requests while devoting it our free time, which is why we've decided to open paid reviewing services which in turn will allow us to sustain the platform and the podcast while writing reviews at the same time.

    If you are an artist, you represent a label, or a promotion service, you can order a review for your release and stand among hundreds of techno artists and labels whose releases we reviewed. You can publish URL to our review on social networks, or insert it fully in the liner notes on Beatport, Junodownload, Bandcamp, or any other retailer where you sell your products. Below are the options you can select from:


● Our standard review costs €10, which we will charge you after the work is finished, you've seen it and approved it.

● For €15, we will prioritize the writing of your review and get back to you in shortest of terms—from several hours to one day. For this price, you will be offered to mention the keypoints you want us to touch on or avoid in the review, specific URLs or words you want us to include, and we will also post it on our Facebook page and Featured Reviews section located in the right sidebar on site.

● For €20, in addition to urgent writing of your review, we will pin it on top of our publication for a week, and it will be the topmost review that our readers see when they visit our home page. For €50 we will extend that to one month.

● For €30, in addition to urgent writing of your review, we will install a redirect which for one week will be automatically sending all visitors that enter our home page directly to the page of your review, and for €80 the redirect will be put in place for a month.

● 5€ more to any option chosen will get you a topmost spot in our right sidebar for a week, which means your review will be instantly seen and advertised from any page on site. €15 extends that to a month.


    Once you've decided to order a review, you can contact us via Facebook, or by the means of the Review Order form. Let us know which paid option you've chosen, include a download URL to your release as well as a tracklist, name of the record label, catalog number and release date. We will return to you with text of finished review, and if you approve it, we will send you the credentials of our digital wallet; once the payment is through, we will publish the review on site.